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Orbiter 270 Stadium

The Orbiter 270 3.0 stadium is the compactest camera seat on the market with the most efficient ratio between space consumption and impact on sightlines. It allows camera operators to work in tightly constricted spaces in any kind of venue.
Camera and operator occupy an extremely low working position, eliminating the "dead angle" for spectators and can be perfectly integrated into the auditorium. Up to 60 spectators can easily be accommodated behind a camera supported by the Orbiter 270 stadium, enjoying an unimpeded view, a modest innovation that quickly reaps rewards, as it is an economic swing seat which was designed to match the needs of those customers, looking for a cost efficient solution.

The Orbiter 270 stadium facilitates rock solid stabilisation, 270° panning; smooth, steady and noiseless operation and accommodates all tripod heads, helping to capture great shots while working in difficult locations with ease and comfort.

Using the Orbiter 270 stadium, the spatial position of the cameras always remain constant. The fixed installation of the system guarantees that the cameras can repeatedly be positioned with the millimetre precision for each event and avoids continual repetition of unnecessary and time consuming measurements, and eliminates sources of error.

The Orbiter 270 stadium enables broadcasters to use the latest multimedia techniques for presenting the action on the field or stage, and ideally equips your venue for the future. The Orbiter allows independent movement of camera and seat, along the same axis. There are two remarkable and patented features of this system, contrary to other systems, the seat of the Orbiter is not directly connected to the camera column. Hence no shock motions are transmitted from the operator to the camera. The unlinked rotation along the same axis also avoids unwanted movement of the camera when moving the seat.

The Orbiter 270 3.0 stadium is the most compact camera seat on the market.

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