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Orbiter Cable Drums


Cable drums for fibre cables

The custom-made cable drums of ORBITER.TV comply with any type of fibre optic and conventional cable and mobile applications. Expensive fibre technology is being protected properly during handling and transportation by simple means. Same time the client can choose freely among many sizes. This warrants the best possible protection of fibre technology and enhanced exploitation of limited storage space especially in mobile OB units. Orbiter cable drums are delivered in fix patterns of height and depth and variable widths allowing noumerous different sizes. The witdh is measuremade, relating to the demanded lenght and diametre of each single cable. This feature enables our customers to make best use of space by ordering cable drums as compact as possible. Simply specify your cable’s length + diameter and we will offer you the best fitting drum format. Please also download and consult the table, which shows all deliverable drum sizes referring to given cable diameters and lengths.

Rapid Standardized Customization

The production process follows the concept of standardized customisation. Our manufacturing process enables customisation by simply providing a large range of different drum sizes in variable formats to match all sorts of customer requirements regarding the drum’s total space consumption and fitting accuracy according to various given space conditions. The system provides storage + handling for small and large cable capacities.

IT-controlled manufacturing has streamlined our individualized manufacturing to a point where the output is no longer limited to small quantities only. This enables us to deliver customised manufacturing which is enhanced by the service and flexibility of our delivery program without limitations to output quantities.


The cable drum’s lightweight aluminum structure leaves the user with less weight to carry. The round aluminum tubes offer a comfortable and painless grip which makes transportation easier.
The drum can easily be rotated by a manual crank which is fixed to the drum. This feature makes it impossible to forget your crank when working in remote places, far away from your mobile unit.
The drums can be stacked up to 4 meters/ 13 ft high by means of centering pins.

Cable & Connector Protection

Our cable drums are particularly suited for fiber optic cables, which require more careful handling and storage than conventional cables. It has excess patch storage room and an adjustable fixing point for the connector inside the drum, to avoid damage to sensitive and expensive fibre connectors.

The entire design and form of our drums comply with the standards for fibre optics. This ensures that cables will neither be damaged by sharp edges nor by too narrow radii, as excessive bending of cables may lead to damage or loss in signal quality. All of this means the best possible adaptation of our cable drums to requirements of fibre optics, limited space, and good working conditions.


The ORBITER cable drum system saves money. It features a very rugged design to match the extraordinary stresses and strains of everyday OB-use. This warrants outstanding longevity in comparison to other products wearing out much quicker and incurring replacement cost as well as large costs for damaged fibre technology. In this respect our product warrants a particularly low total cost of ownership. Just consider that our first cable drums which had been delivered as early as 2005 and have by now delivered millions of cycles have to this day remained free of any major customer complaints.

The custom-made cable drums of ORBITER.TV comply with any type of fibre optic and conventional cable and mobile applications.

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