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Measurement & Analysis Camera Systems (MACS), was founded by David Adermann and Anthea Dean in 1990 to service the High-Speed Camera Industry.

MACS started out by purchasing a Redlake high-speed imaging system providing service and consulting to customers. 

Your needs and requirements are of the upmost importance to us and unlike our competitors MACS continues to offer our knowledge and experience to all customers regardless of which camera manufacturer\'s equipment they own.

Our success in this industry is to provide optimal performance, solutions and support to our clientele which is driven by continually sourcing the best available equipment, we are not afraid to discard suppliers who fail to deliver both quality equipment and quality support.

MACS is proud to be the exclusive Australia and New Zealand Distributor for NAC, Fastec Imaging, P+S Technik, Shimadzu and HIVE Lighting. 


We provide leading equipment coupled with the ongoing support and technical advice from the start, ensuring customer satisfaction. We will train you on how to get the best out of your high-speed camera system. 

We at MACS guarantee that we will deliver over and above any competitor. MACS are unique in that we can offer complete Turnkey Solutions to meet your specific needs.

We look forward to providing you with the best tools for success today.


2010 An integrated microwave oven and freezer compartment for storing and cooking meals for aged, infirm and disabled people. Provisional Patent .

2008 DC switching power supply delivering flicker free operation to HMI lamps. Provisional Patent.

2006 Variable Frame Rate Dual Stream High-Speed Digital Broadcast Television Camera simultaneously capturing standard frame rate and slow motion frame rate images for High Definition television transmission in the SMPTE – 1280i/720p standard. Provisional Patent

1994 A Hydrostatic Capable Camera Lens and Imaging Device for Deep Underwater Use. Patent document & specifications WPO.95/12282

1992 Protective Camera Housing and Optical System for use in destructive environments, Patent document US Pat.No. 5,485,237


2013 SMPTE Sydney, July, New Lighting Technology: Plasma versus LED and HMI

2011 SMPTE Sydney, July, Variable Frame Rate Digital Cinematography, CMOS sensors - love them or loath them.

2001-Present: Numerous Papers on High Voltage, High Current Electric Arc research by Dr David Sweeting and Professor Tony Stokes where David Adermann is sited as the High-Speed Photographic Scientist responsible for the ground breaking highspeed

research video footage.

1996 Photoinstrumentation for determining the effects of blast and fragmentation on a warship. Trevor J. Kinsey Michael G. Wolfson and David A Adermann. 22nd International Congress on High Speed Photography and Photonics, 27 Oct.-1 Nov, 1996. Santa

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1965 - 1974 Scientific Cameraman & Photographer - Government

1975 - 1979 Television - numerous television commercials, news and current affairs

1980 - 1996

Producer/Director Cameraman

Parthenium - 20 minute training film DPI

Managing for Drought - 25 minute training film DPI


Feet On The Ground - 30 Minute Promotional Film QUT

Unit Location Manager

Bush Christmas -  Feature Film

The Little Feller - Telemovie

Frenchman\'s Farm - Feature

Associate Producer

Air Hawk - Telemovie

Outbreak of Hostilities - Telemovie

You\'ve Got To Be Joking - 24 eps TV Series

Technical Support
Technology Training and Workshops